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Warning: Exercise Freak Under Construction!

Well, change is underway, and one thing that’s changing substantially round here is my exercise routine! For about 5 years I’ve been a half-hearted she’ll be right, 3-times-a-week-on-a-good-week, walk-round-the-block kind of gal. And it’s gotten me, ooh, nowhere. Except fatter.... Continue Reading →

A change is as good as a holiday :)

So. Had a week on the Gold Coast, and while I started the week with every intention of making it a ripper for weight loss, by about 2 days in I realised how difficult that was going to be when... Continue Reading →

Munchies Mojo

The Savvy Un-Sabotaged Weekend

So I have this male friend at work, and he’s pretty cute (not the point – I’m married!) and he’s pretty buff (kind of the point – it’s nice to have some eye candy) and he used to be a... Continue Reading →

Repeat After Me: I Am My Top Priority!

Yeah, yeah, I know - it sounds selfish. But if you can't be your own top priority, well, whose can you be???? How many of us are fat because we've put ourselves on the back-burner? How many of us are... Continue Reading →

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