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21 Days of Gratitude.. 11

11. Time out.. with two kiddies under 3, time out is a bit of a scarcity round here at the moment. My son has decided he no longer needs naps during the day, and in fact if he does nap,... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 10

10. Board Games.. not that I get to play often, and when I do, my very sad-sack-against-board-games husband always seems to beat me at it, which doesn't seem very fitting. We had a good night of Settlers of Catan just... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 9

21 Days of Gratitude.. 8

8. Technology.. living as we are in glorified camping conditions.. I appreciate each appliance I have access to. The first things we hooked up when we arrived at the shed (after the fridge and freezer of course) were the washing... Continue Reading →

Existential Exercise..

Getting outside and moving really is one of the best ways to gain a little perspective on life. It makes such a difference to my mental state! The air is fresh, the trees are green, the sky is..whatever the sky... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Exercise..

One key to me being able to lose weight is doing at least 5 lots of decent exercise in a week.  When I was slim, I found that only 3 good sessions was enough to maintain, but to lose, I... Continue Reading →

Winning the Gestational Diabetes Lottery..

Soo. I am currently 35 weeks in my second pregnancy.. so we've only got about 5 weeks to go now, little girl due technically on the 24th of Nov, but am having some trouble with gestational diabetes, won the lotto on... Continue Reading →

Me Right Now.. Starting from Scratch.

So. I’m all caught up, and I want to move forward from here. Thanks for sticking with me 🙂 This is where I am at right now. I weigh 100kgs (again), on the dot. My ass has got noticeably bigger.... Continue Reading →

Getting back off the crazy train…

So I’m noticing, like most things in life, that not a lot happens to you without you allowing it to happen. Okay, sure, there the terrible and sad events in life which sadly seem to be a permanent part of... Continue Reading →

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