February 2018

21 Days of Gratitude.. 12

12. Fly Spray... yes, sorry world - I am contributing to the ozone depletion one aerosol can at a time.. I know it.. But living in a shed with two huge roller doors open most of the time.. well, there... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 11

11. Time out.. with two kiddies under 3, time out is a bit of a scarcity round here at the moment. My son has decided he no longer needs naps during the day, and in fact if he does nap,... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Day: Candlelit Sunset

21 Days of Gratitude.. 10

10. Board Games.. not that I get to play often, and when I do, my very sad-sack-against-board-games husband always seems to beat me at it, which doesn't seem very fitting. We had a good night of Settlers of Catan just... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Day: Raro Palms

This was taken a while ago now... a very funny day in Raro. My hubby has this thing where he HATES pooping in public toilets. Hates it. I can't comprehend this myself - for me even if its a bit... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 9

Wise Words

3 Cheap & Easy Quiet Bags for Keeping Toddlers Busy..

A few times a week while my daughter sleeps, my son asks to do his 'special games.' Some might call them quiet boxes or activity bags. I keep a plastic tub on a high shelf and we make a production... Continue Reading →

21 Days of Gratitude.. 8

8. Technology.. living as we are in glorified camping conditions.. I appreciate each appliance I have access to. The first things we hooked up when we arrived at the shed (after the fridge and freezer of course) were the washing... Continue Reading →

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